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NFL Playoff Prediction

When it comes to sports betting, the New England Patriots have dominated the 2015-2016 season so far with an with one of the best records in the NFL, putting them right back at the top of the AFC East. Halfway to having an undefeated season, the New England Patriots are in an impeccable position to defend their championship title that they only won just over a year ago.

Though the New England Patriots have rolled powerfully through the first half of the season, they are not the only team to cross the halfway mark undefeated. The Cincinnati Bengals have also crossed the halfway mark of the 2015-2016 season undefeated, as well as the NFC Carolina Panthers. Here are some free sport betting tips you can count on for the NFL Playoffs.

2015-2016 Football Playoff Prediction

Three teams approaching the second half of the 2015-2016 NFL football season is quite literally unheard of. This year marks the first time in NFL history that three teams have been 8-0 mid mark through the season. As of now the New England Patriots are heavily favored over both the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl 50 in February. Patriots sit at number one favored to win, and the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals sit at 4th and 5th respectively. The Green Bay Packers, who have now lost their last two games are deemed the 2nd choice and the Arizona Cardinals not far behind falling into the number three slot.

With the Cincinnati Bengals talented team being in the playoffs for the past four seasons, it is likely that they will make their presence known. Do not let last season’s poor winning of the NFC South’s division deter you from having faith in the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton is not a classic quarterback and his athleticism makes him a dangerous prospect when he fears a game win may be on the line. Newton’s quarterback abilities coupled with a strong defense makes the Panthers a promising NFL playoff contender. Be sure to also check out our NFL mid-season round up for more tips on sports betting.

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