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NFL Predictions: Baltimore Ravens

Kick back, relax and turn on some football, because the season is upon us! The Baltimore Ravens weren’t exactly on top of their game last year, but to be fair, there were a lot of men down. With guys still recovering, Joe Flacco is the one to watch this year. With predictions floating that he will throw farther than 4,000 yards this year, it’s sure to be a game winning season. As the rumor mill churns, sports fans all have their own opinions, no matter how controversial.

Online expert football picks have the Ravens ending the season at 8-8, while NFL Network has a little more hope at 10-6. This year a lot of focus is being put on the offense and what coordinator Marc Trestman is doing. For a successful year he needs to pay close attention to the running back. Brandon Williams is a top pick for 2016, being touted by Andy Benoit as “the best player you’ve probably never heard of.” The Ravens are an all-around underdog who hopefully do their best to prove Sports Illustrated wrong this season. Fans are content with their team and make it known that they don’t care what any major publication has to say.

NBC affiliate Clifton Brown has a few more positive opinions regarding the Ravens. He thinks that Flacco and Pitta’s close relationship is going to help Pitta become the player he’s meant to be. Brown continues to predict that Za’Darius Smith will reach double sacks this season, as challenged by his coach. His football predictions have the Ravens finishing at 10-6. Check out free sports picks for your own predictions. For a team that is mostly in recovery from some type of injury, it seems to be a mediocre year ahead.

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