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NFL Predictions: Houston Texans

After last season’s AFC South division title win, the Houston Texans are expected to have a solid season this year. They’ve gained more than a couple new members, including quarterback Brock Osweiler. Running back Lamar Miller performed well with the Dolphins in 2015 and is a great addition to the Texans. Texan fans are very excited about the promising season ahead, there may even be playoffs in the future. Everyone is buzzing about possible scores and football predictions. There are a few decent expert football picks you may want to read.

The Texans will see a decent season and have high hopes for Brock Osweiler. With the estimate that Osweiler will toss a ball for 4,000 yards, make 30 touchdowns at under 8 interceptions, that sure puts a lot on his plate. Since Arian Foster is off the team as a result of injury, Miller is adequately filling his shoes. It’s predicted he will make top 5 running back of the year. Jadeveon Clowney was injured in previous seasons and hasn’t been at the top of his game and 2016 is sure to change that. The Texans will be proud to call him one of theirs this season. The Inquistr attributes the Houston Texans steady climb to their reason for most likely winning the AFC South division again this year.

Fans contend that while they want to win the AFC division, it is a low goal to meet. The Houston Texans have won all pre-season games without 1 loss. Loyal fans notice rough spots, but hope for an improvement with each game this season. Whether you agree with the predictions above, or want to wage your own bets, free sports picks are always a viable option.

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