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NFL Predictions: Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City ended last year, winning 10 games and continued into the Wild Card week, dominating the Houston Texans 30-0. Their positive energy on and off the field is back this season with some of our favorite players. After tackling cancer, Eric Berry is back and better than ever. Jamaal Charles tore his ACL last year and is ready to tear through the competition this year. Are the Chiefs ready to play an impressive season- 2 years in a row? One thing is for sure: fall is here and it’s time to lounge on the couch and watch some football!

Football predictions for 2016 are rolling in, some basic and others mind blowing. Perhaps this is the year Kansas City wins the division and places 1st in the AFC West? It’s certainly a close match between Kansas City, Denver and Oakland. The offensive line is strong this year and sport’s reporter Sam Mellinger believes that Alex Smith will experience one of the best seasons of his career. The Chiefs did well without Houston last season, if he misses a few games this year they won’t be so bad off. Arrow Head Addict, an avid sport’s fan suggests that the Chiefs pay special attention to special play passes this year, and run attacks down the center of the field.

Expert football picks are an exciting topic of conversation. Whether you come up with your own predictions or use free sports picks, there are always ideas floating around. Kansas City had an exceptional 2015 season, can they do it again? According to fans, their favorite team is difficult to read. One game they seem to exceed fan’s expectations, the next they tank. With the unpredictability of plays the Chiefs display, 2016 is sure to be an invigorating year for football!

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