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NFL Predictions: New York Jets

After a long, hot summer…football is back in full swing! Whether you’re a Jets fan or not, football season predictions is a great reason to spend time together. The New York Jets are back and better than ever with a reloaded defense team and stronger offense. They are expected to keep up with the exciting pace they set last season. Though the Jets lost their last game of 2015, finishing off at 3-24, they are revamped and excited for the exhilarating season ahead. Alas, here are some football predictions for 2016:

  1. Marcus Williams performed excellently last year with 15 tackles, 6 interceptions and has made great strides. He is going to start slow, but provide stability for the team throughout the season. With a clear desire to prove himself, Williams is bound to do even better as the 2016 season progresses.
  2. With a completely unified front, the Jets may quite possibly make the playoffs this year.
  3. Calvin Pryor will finish with the most touchdowns this season.
  4. Leonard Williams will reach double digit sacks this time around.


Expert football picks are ambitious, but not foolproof. Go with your gut, but also have a little fun along the way. For instance, I can proclaim with confidence that the Jets will smother the Patriots this season, but I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it. You can check out free sport picks for individual games throughout the season online. The Jets are under a lot of pressure this weekend as they go against the Seahawks. My bet is that the Jets will win by a landslide, just like their last home game with the Seahawks in 2004. The New York Jets improved lineup has served them well so far this season.

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