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Over/Under Baseball Systems

The over under baseball system is a good option for newbie and experienced bettors alike, although the moneyline bet is often more popular.Basically, the over under baseball system looks at the total number of runs scored. It sounds simple, and for those who are new to sports betting, it might be. Experienced bettors who have done their research understand what goes into creating the odds and may find that understanding the system is as rewarding as when they come out on top after a game.

Some odds makers use half point increments to avoid potential refund situations; since there is no partial point in baseball, an odds maker might state the odds as 8.5 runs total, meaning that if a game ends in a tie of 4-4, those who wagered on the under have come away the winners. If the total scores of the game was 4-5, then the over bettors would be named the winners in the bet.

Components of the Over Under System

When employing the over under betting system, it is important to take a look at the starters. If the plan is to pick the over bet, you’ll want to review the starters and choose a game at which at least two of the starters are struggling. To bet the under, choose a game at which two of the teams’ best players, currently on hot streaks, are starting.After the starting batters, the pitching matchups are going to be very important to consider when using the over under baseball system You’ll want to know which pitchers get a lot of support from the offense and look at the earned run average of each of them. With that information, you’ll be able to tell whether you should bet on the under or the over.

With this sort of bet, you won’t have to concern yourself with the performance of specific players but of the team as a whole. You won’t have to track each individual player’s actions, just the total score.

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