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NFL Football Predictions: Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard to be too confident about the Dallas Cowboys after an absolutely horrendous 4-12 season in 2015, but it’s our football betting advice that the team is going to do surprisingly well this year. Maybe not the 12-4 record that they’re hoping for, but certainly better than last year. The team has a few key things on their side ... Read More »

NFL Football Predictions: Patriots

NFL Football Bettings

While the New England Patriots are always favorites to do well in the NFL and they’re always expected to make the playoffs and we are even making a 2017 Super Bowl prediction, I don’t know if this is going to be a good year for the team. If you’re looking for football betting advice, all you really have to do ... Read More »

NFL Football Predictions: Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Football Predtions

The Seattle Seahawks have been doing really well in recent years, and if you want any good football betting advice to use for them for the upcoming season, it’s to bet on them big time. That’s because the team is likely to do very well throughout the beginning of the season. Their goal is obviously going to be to make ... Read More »

Football Betting Experts

NFL Football Betting

When it comes to the football betting experts out there, they have a lot to say when it comes to which teams you’re going to want to go with. You want to make cash off of the choices that you make, and through the use of their services, you can make a better decision overall. This is always a good ... Read More »

NFL Football Predictions: Steelers

Americian Bettings NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a rough season last year, but this is the year that they’re going to pick things up and start off a bit more adeptly. If you’re looking for solid football betting advice, it’s to keep your eye on the Steelers because they could be the ones to take over AFC North this year. Sure, there is ... Read More »

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