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Sleeper NBA Teams In The West

There are a few teams in the Western Conference that as far as the NBA prediction goes, can be expected to perform better this season than the last. That is if they keep their eyes on the prize and as predicted, catch a break or two.

Teams Expected To Pick Up The Pace

Utah Jazz: With Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward, and Derrick Favors it could easily be argued that no other team holds the front court potential that the Utah Jazz has in their favor. This promising lineup gives the Jazz the potential to dominate the basket area against any opposing team in the laden Western Conference.

Oklahoma City Thunder: It is really hard to not take notice of the title contender that a healthy Oklahoma City Thunder is. More concerning than the constant beating that Westbrook faces – which, let’s face it seems to be no big deal to his reckless style – is the foot injury to one of the league’s best, Kevin Durant. However, as of now Durant is still able to perform when called upon and so this injury may not be the death of the Thunder. Additionally, Cameron Payne, Dion Waiters, and D.J. Augustin offer a hint of stability and added reliable scoring power. The Thunder’s front court is consistent and efficient at doing the dirty work when brought in, and with them they provide further scoring ability. This gives the Thunder the well-rounded sort of depth a team needs to win games throughout the regular season and that is what they will do.

Minnesota Timberwolves: This is a team that is loaded with skill and beyond capable of making it to the finals. The Timberwolves are complete with a veteran front court player, a pass-first point guard, a swing player capable of just about anything, and the valuable 7-footer middle court that has served to their advantage on almost every night thus far. It is our betting expert prediction that they may not make it all the way to the playoffs, but they will for sure be in the bulk of conversation for most improved team this season.

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