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Sleeper pick to win the Super Bowl besides the New England Patriots?

The NFL season is more than half way done and the playoff picture is starting to come into focus. For nearly a decade, the New England Patriots have been clear and early favorites to make it to and win the Super Bowl. It’s become a running joke in many early NFL betting prediction circles to pick who the Super Bowl losers will be.

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The Return Of America’s Team

Ask any NFL betting expert or NFL betting advice columnist who they would pick to win the Super Bowl right now, and they would likely tell you, the Dallas Cowboys. At least, I would and so would the people at the Machine Picks. In a bold move, Jerry Jones has decided to stick with the hot hands, and legs, of Dak Prescott. Prescott has been the leader of the Cowboys this entire season and has led them to the best record in the league currently. Why would you risk that kind of momentum this close to the playoffs? The big question that everyone is asking is if Prescott will choke under the playoff pressure like many young quarterbacks? Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Tony Romo, as good as he is, has never been clutch when it comes to the playoffs. In fact, he has cost the Cowboys a couple of legitimate chances by choking under pressure. Sitting Romo is the best thing the Cowboys could do right now.

Ezekiel Elloit and Dak Prescott’s unproven status in regards to playoff poise is why many will view the Cowboys as a Super Bowl sleeper. However, Prescott plays beyond his years and his ability to adjust the tempo of the game to suit the needs of his team. This is what makes him not only the new leader for the Dallas Cowboys, but the new prototype for future NFL rookie quarterbacks. Dallas, once again, has the future in the palm of their hand.

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