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The Current Climate Of Hot Picks And Future Trends

Using preseason predictions is like divining meaning from tea leaves. Yes, there is hard data to back up past trends and narratives for different teams that can take shape over a few years. Understanding the limits and ceilings of a particular team, however, can come down to mid-season position and post-trade deadline movement in betting trends. This allows for a clear look at the best picks, the best odds, and the largest payout when looking towards the future.

The Fluctuating Trends From Preseason to Mid-Season

Recently, MLB trends saw a restructuring of sorts after the trade deadline came and went. Teams making a flurry of moves moved the needles on their odds to reach the World Series. The trade deadline in the NFL is not nearly as active as in the MLB, but future trends for teams can dramatically shift as injuries and disappointments mount throughout the regular season.

Prominent Betting MLB Trends After the Trade Deadline

As the MLB heads toward its post season, let’s take a look at the some of the sports betting trends for contenders since the trade deadline. The biggest movers of the future lines were teams like the Blue Jays, the Mets, the Orioles, and the Rangers. This doesn’t mean those teams are now contenders—just that their betting trends saw significant movement due to last-minute moves. The Blue Jays went all in with the acquisitions of Troy Tulowitski, David Price, Latroy Hawkins, and Ben Revere, while the Phillies finally caved and sent Cole Hamels to the Rangers. Curiously enough, however, the Astros Acquisition of all-star mercurial outfielder Carlos Gomez didn’t really boost their futures as much as one would expect.

Trust Not in the Preseason

Unless you have irrefutably strong gut feelings on why a team will win it all at the start of season, it’s better to wait a little bit to see how preseason predictions pan out. Following the sports betting trends can put you in a position to load up on a frontrunner or lock in on a dark horse. In this case, patience can be the key to victory.

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