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Super Bowl Betting Tips

Super Bowl betting can be complicated and has been studied academically and by experts—there are even classes on the subject. What experts have discovered is that, while the sports betting market is generally efficient like the stock market, there are a few important things to consider. One is the psychology of bettors that can create anomalies that allow for profit. Also, it is important to note that the presence of professional bettors tends to lower these anomalies, making it tougher to get ahead, and high transaction fees can cut into what you earn. Here are a few tips in order to make the process more profitable for your Super Bowl predictions.

Super Bowl Wagering

One tip is to bet against the suckers, not against the bookie. During an event like the Super Bowl, there are millions of unsophisticated bettors that enter the field. For example, if everyone votes for the Patriots, the bookie pushes the line far over until it would require them to win by a large margin, rebalancing the board toward the other side. Look at what the unsophisticated bettors are doing and act accordingly. Another important tip is to keep your costs low. Avoid something like horse betting, which is notoriously expensive. It is also important to take the long view on a team. Many people are reactionary about a team’s recent performance and forget their long-term record. Don’t be unsophisticated like these kinds of bettors. Finally, bet against the home team. Many times, bookies offer worse odds for home teams, which is the bias of local bettors. If he knows that you would never bet on a certain team, he may take advantage of you. Be smart.

With this advice, it is possible to have an enjoyable and profitable experience betting on the Super Bowl. Best of luck, and have fun out there.

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