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Super Bowl Betting Trends

This is a special year for NFL football and the Super Bowl. It is the 50th edition of the championship game this year, and the hosts will be Santa Clara on that day all fans look forward to most: February 7, 2016. The question is, who will be the finalists? Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots be champions again this year? Will the Seattle Seahawks make it to the final again? Or will some of the underdogs, like the Kansas City Chiefs or Broncos make it there? Let’s look at the Super Bowl betting trends right now to get a better idea of what we can expect on that fateful day.

Super Bowl Betting in 2016

According to Bovada, when betting on the Super Bowl,  there is a three way tie between the New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers, who share the shortest odds, at +450, to gain that Lombardi trophy. The Panthers look great and may be the new team on the block, but with the legendary Cam Newton it looks like they could be real contenders. Both Seattle and Denver also have pretty decent odds, at +600, to make it to the big time, while the Pittsburgh Steelers round it out with a +900 chance of making it to Santa Clara. The Green Bay Packers aren’t looking so good, at +2200, but they haven’t exactly endeared themselves to the odds makers, with inconsistent play this year that does not exactly inspire confidence.

Last year it was Seattle versus New England, but this year it looks like Seattle’s place could be taken by a team like the Panthers that have built a great reputation these last few seasons. We’ll have to see in the next few weeks, but this season has proved to be a pretty exciting one with teams that have really proved their worth on the field. Be sure to check out our other articles about Super Bow betting tips and advice.

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