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Super Bowl Wagering in Vegas

When it comes to betting and gambling, all eyes are on Las Vegas. The experts in Nevada are the ones to watch to get an idea of how the historic 50th Super Bowl—held this year at the new Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara—will turn out and which teams to watch. In fact, their betting on this remarkable game began a year ago, merely 6 weeks after the 49th Bowl game. So, at such an early date, what were their predictions? Let’s take a look and see what else they foresaw for this year’s game. We are The Machines Picks have our own Super Bowl betting predictions. Here are a few of our tips.

Super Bowl 50 Betting in 2016

The most obvious choice for Vegas experts would be the New England Patriots, who won Super Bowl 49 and have had a great team for many years, but surprisingly, this was not their pick for the winners this year. So who could the lucky team be? It was none other than the Seattle Seahawks. Now, some things have shifted since this time last year, and when it became clear during the length of this season which teams were shining, the Super Bowl betting odds shifted accordingly.

At this current date, it looks as if Carolina, at 5/1, is looking really good, as well as Seattle and Denver, both at 6/1. New England and Arizona are both at 9/2, and it looks like these are the 5 teams that are inspiring the bettors the most this season. Carolina opened at 50/1 odds, so they have truly surprised and impressed many experts out there, while Green Bay, who started out at 10/1, has really fallen in status to 35/1.

There will never be another Super Bowl 50 again, so this year in particular is quite an exciting time to be a sports bettor. Based on the current Super Bowl wagers, the Super Bowl game looks to be interesting, with an outcome that may surprise all of us.

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