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Will the Big 12 have a representative in the college football playoff?

When looking over a lot of college football betting predictions, it’s clear to see that the future might not be etched in stone for the Big 12. Some sports commentators and analysts covering college football spread picks said the Big 12 was unfixable. Well, 2 weeks ago, that statement may have been reasonable, but as of today, there is still hope. No, the Big 12 will not have a representative in the college football playoff picture in my opinion, but they are not a lost cause.

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Hope Is Not Lost

It’s been more than 20 years since a Big 12 team has been ranked in the top 10 of the AP standings at the start of November. Oklahoma now sits at number 8 and West Virginia sits at number 10. It is hard for Big 12 teams to compete with the other conferences and the recruiting firepower they currently have. Can the Big 12 rebuild itself? Time will tell, but if the conference continues to move in the direction that it has been going, the best thing to do is follow the current college football betting trends and stay clear of the Big 12.

Looking Ahead To The Playoffs

The playoffs are a fun time of year for any sport. You get to see the best teams from around the league battle it out for supremacy. This year alone, we’ve seen the Cubs snap a curse showing everyone; players, schools, coaches and fans alike, that anything is possible. That is what makes the playoffs so exciting. You’re sure to have a great game that leaves you at the edge of your seat. History will be made and legacies will be cemented. If you find that you’re now left without a pick for your college playoff picture now that you know the Big 12 will have a representative, heading on over to the Machine Picks. They can help give you a line on some of the most accurate college football betting predictions to get yourself back on track.

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