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Best Sports Betting Advice & Picks from Our Expert Handicappers

At Machine Picks we offer our members top sports betting advice from our own personal expert handicapping system. Our experts offers a skilled angle on sports betting where we have extensive experience in the art of capping.

Our expert handicapper’s main goal is to provide our members with knowledgeable sports betting advice that is drawn from past sports experiences, as well as various assortments of intangible factors, historical figures, statistics, and a wide array of trends all as a means by which to increase Members bankrolls.  Though this formula cannot be released you can feel confident that it is comprised of dozens of essential tools that ultimately ensure its success rate.

The Machines Picks has a proven track record that demonstrates excellent handicapping abilities which have resulted in a loyal following of customers.  In the end our only goal is to spread the wealth amongst sports bettors who are in it to WIN!

#1 Sports Handicapper in the industry!

NBA / Are the Lakers and Kobe Worth Betting On?

NBA NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

In the land of NBA predictions, Kobe and the Lake Show have had quite the mountain to overcome. Last year in the off-season, they lost Gasol to the Bulls and Jodie Meeks to the Pistons. They couldn’t acquire Carmelo or LeBron, no matter what they tried. In March, Steve Nash announced his retirement. Finally, the NBA season opened with only ... Read More »

Football picks and predictions

Americian Bettings NFL

Knowing the NFL Landscape for 2015 Almost as heartbreaking as enduring the trials and tribulations of your favorite NFL team is the scorn of going through a terrible season of fantasy football. Pride. So much pride goes into fantasy leagues every year and along with broken hearts, there are disintegrated egos. But this year can be different, and we are here ... Read More »

MLB / World Series Finals Team Predictions

Regular Season Stretch

Let’s start with a World Series prediction for the National League. The Machine’s Picks nominates the Los Angeles Dodgers for the NL division win, and not just because Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke are poised to make post-season history. (It’s like Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson all over again.) No, the reasons the Dodgers will make it to the World ... Read More »

NFL Football Betting Tips

NFL Football Betting

When it comes to simple wager betting on the National Football League, over/under is a doozy. Though the idea behind such a wager is simple, where if the combined score is more than the bettors listed number than the game is said to play “over the total.” Likewise, if the combined score is less than the listed number than the ... Read More »

College Football Spread Picks And Why They Are Complex

College Football Spread

There are many notable differences in college football betting as opposed to National Football League betting. Some of which include the major differences in the number of games, where college football boasts a hefty thirty plus games just on any given Saturday during regular season; a greater number of sharps generally wager on college football; Read More »

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