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Best Sports Betting Advice & Picks from Our Expert Handicappers

At Machine Picks we offer our members top sports betting advice from our own personal expert handicapping system. Our experts offers a skilled angle on sports betting where we have extensive experience in the art of capping.

Our expert handicapper’s main goal is to provide our members with knowledgeable sports betting advice that is drawn from past sports experiences, as well as various assortments of intangible factors, historical figures, statistics, and a wide array of trends all as a means by which to increase Members bankrolls.  Though this formula cannot be released you can feel confident that it is comprised of dozens of essential tools that ultimately ensure its success rate.

The Machines Picks has a proven track record that demonstrates excellent handicapping abilities which have resulted in a loyal following of customers.  In the end our only goal is to spread the wealth amongst sports bettors who are in it to WIN!

#1 Sports Handicapper in the industry!

College Football Betting vs. NFL Betting

College Football Betting

There are many reasons why college football betting and National Football League betting are very different sports. As the many aspects of each separate one from the other and thus different strategies should be implemented in wagering on each. Read More »

Don’t Be A Square – Trust In Your Football Betting Picks

NFL Football Bettings

Whether you prefer offshore online football gambling, placing your bets through your local bookie down the street, or throwing your money down in Nevada, you must eventually build a system by which you use and trust in order to turn a lucrative profit in sports gambling. Read More »

Best Bets College Football – Who’s To Consider

Best Bets College Football

Many experts offer their opinions in regards to the best bets in college football and a lot of times you may find it easy to listen to such best bets. After all, these guys do work for ESPN so they must know something, right? Well, not necessarily. Read More »

Why Suggested Best College Football Bets This Weekend Are Important

College Football Bets

It is a known fact that in college football betting, well any sports betting for that matter, that wagers should never be made on simple intuition. You cannot just “feel like” a certain team is going to win and win. Though there is an exception to every rule and sometimes people get lucky, this luck often runs out fast and ... Read More »

Free NFL Football Picks – Good Or Bad ?

NFL Americian Bettings

Anything free is a good thing, right? After all, who does not like to save money? Caution should be had though when trusting in free NFL football picks , as such picks are likely to save you money in the short run but might cost you money in the long run. So, user beware of who you take your free ... Read More »

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