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Best Sports Betting Advice & Picks from Our Expert Handicapper

At Machine Picks we offer our members top sports betting advice from our own personal expert handicapper, The Machine.  Our expert offers a skilled angle on sports betting where he has extensive experience in the art of capping.  Check out his personal expert handicapper story on our about page.

Our expert handicapper’s main goal is to provide our members with knowledgeable sports betting advice that he draws from his past sports experiences, as well as various assortments of intangible factors, historical figures, statistics, and a wide array of trends all as a means by which to increase their bankroll.  Though this formula cannot be released you can feel confident that comprised of dozens of essential tools that ultimately ensure its success rate.

The Machine has a proven track record that demonstrates his excellent handicapping abilities which have resulted in a loyal following of customers.  In the end our handicapper’s only goal is to spread the wealth amongst sports bettors who have faith in his practice and to make money for you!

#1 Sports Handicapper in the industry!

Nailing Down The Race For October Immortality

Race For October

After a flurry of deals before the trade deadline, MLB rosters are now taking their final forms for a run at the World Series. Today we’ll take a look at some expert picks in the MLB and try to nail down which team has the best shot of bringing euphoria to the baseball fans in its city..While stars like Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Bryce Harper, and Nelson Cruz may get all the highlights, teams like the Cardinals, Royals, Astros and Giants keep racking up. The Cardinals are poised for a run once again but will have to deal with the loss of Matt Holiday. Read More »

Sticking With The Hot Teams Coming Down The Regular Season Stretch

Regular Season Stretch

The baseball post-season can sometimes come down to timing. With a long regular season consisting of a 162 games, teams will have their ups and downs. Injuries can take their toll, pitchers can have dominant stretches, and hitters can go on power streaks. However, when it comes to making free baseball picks daily for the rest of the regular season and into the post-season, it’s important know just which teams are making that final push for the playoffs. Read More »

Looking In The Crystal Ball For October

Crystal Ball

Are you looking for that team of destiny to ride through the postseason and ultimately win at betting baseball? Wondering what baseball sports betting picks will provide the big money this October? Sometimes looking at the past can help predict the future. Are You Experienced? Looking at the standings right now, there are a couple teams with issues that may ... Read More »

What Team Will Grab The Torch Of Destiny This October

Free Baseball Betting Tip & Handicapping

As the dog days of summer baseball chug towards the post-season magic of October, there’s one team lurking out there waiting to etch its mark into the MLB history books. World Series runs sometimes take a little bit of fate and luck. Let’s take a look at some teams with the best chances to provide expert baseball picks in preparation ... Read More »

Looking Ahead To Potential MLB Postseason Wagers

Mlb Postseason Wagers

If the regular season ended right now in the MLB, these would be the matchups: the Yankees, the Royals, and the surprising Astros would all be the division winners in the American League with the two wild card spots going to the Angels and the Blue Jays. In the National League the Mets—I know, right? The Cardinals and the Dodgers ... Read More »

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