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Q:  I paid, how do I receive my picks?
A: All picks are sent daily via email to Members. If you paid with PayPal, then picks will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account.

Q: What time do you send picks every day?
A: The timing of picks varies daily depending on the start time of games, but we always announce on Twitter when picks have been released. Picks are sent in plenty of time to get your selections in.

Q: I paid and didn’t receive picks, what now?
A: Please make sure emails from us: TheMachinesPicks@gmail.com are not going to your spam / junk folder. If you have checked your spam / junk folder and still don’t see our email, contact us via email so we can resend the picks to you.

Q: If I purchase a week pass on Wednesday, will I still get a full week of picks?
A: Yes, you will receive a full 7 days of picks regardless of which day you purchase a package.

Q: What payment forms do you accept?
A: We accept PayPal, credit card and Venmo. Our Venmo is @MachinesPicks and along with the payment please include your name and email address you would like picks sent to.

Q: What are the most common betting strategies for bankroll management?
A: The industry standard is 1%-5% of bankroll per pick, depending on risk tolerance, with 5% very aggressive.

Q: Do you give free picks?
A: Yes, we post 1-2 free picks each week to so can prove our success to all new followers. We have been doing this for over 9 years and have a lifetime win percentage of over 60% on our free picks. Free plays will be posted here when they are available: TheMachinesPicks.com/todayspicks.

Q: Do Season Pass prices get updated as the season goes on?
A: Yes, season pass prices get prorated every week or 2. If the NFL Season Pass is $999 week 1, it will be $799 week 4..etc.